Intervention and prevention: Focusing on safety, health and sustainability to prevent housing instability and housing loss.

Counseling and support: Providing tools to help search for housing on the private market.

We have a Drop-in Housing Search Centre where people can look at housing ads and call landlords to make appointments to view apartments. Ads are updated every day.

Affordable housing applications: Providing assistance with the application process, including support with priority requests.

Facilitating access: Providing information on how to access emergency shelters, safe houses for the homeless or providing access for individuals fleeing domestic violence.

Paralegal services: For tenants appearing before the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Internal Review Panel and other adjudicative bodies.

In our offices, we offer a variety of brochures that explain tenancy rights in Ontario written by Community Legal Education Ontario.

Partnerships: With key organizations for a multi-faceted approach to housing loss and homelessness prevention.

In our offices, we offer a variety of brochures for other community agencies that might be of interest to you.

Advocacy: By sitting on a variety of committees addressing various issues related to affordable housing and housing loss prevention.